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These Training Days are run for all abilities, for adults and children to help every rider at every level 
Please remember not many people arrive knowing anyone else but by the end of the day you will have made strong friendships and have had lots of laughs. Our aim is to learn and have fun with likeminded people – If you are willing to learn we can help. The groups are split but riders can move groups if they wish. 
Advanced Ride – Adult & experienced children/horses/ponies 
These riders are riding already at BE BD or BSJA Level or are ready to start competing at that level & want to know if they or their horse are up to it. Time is made to answer all questions and to help you chose venues. 
Intermediate Ride – Adult & Children 
These are horse/pony & riders who are confident can ride well but need that extra experience before moving in to the advanced ride. 
Novice Ride – Adult & Children 
These riders/horses/ponies need confidence building either on the flat or jumping or both. They are happy to have a go at everything but just need the encouragement & push to move on. 
Mini Riders/Confidence Giver Ride - (morning only) Adults and Juniors 
We ask that the mini riders can ride off lead rein and are willing to try what the Instructor asks of them. Mums & Dads are encouraged to stay and watch. The emphasis will be confidence building, riding with style in walk & trot and learning how to canter or jump little jumps in a controlled way. They can learn through instruction and play (games) and pole work & grids. They will learn how to lead, to do a show in hand and ridden. As most will be very young, we will only run a mini ride in the morning. If any rider wants to ride all day, they can join a mini ride in the morning then join a novice ride in the afternoon. 
A good lunch is included in the Training Day price. If you have any special dietary requirements please write on the booking form below when you book in. If any spectators would like lunch please fill in the appropriate part of the booking in form and pre pay the £5 per extra lunch when booking in, in advance. 
Deposit & Payments 
Please can all riders pay £25 deposit by bacs by following the banking details on our website nvec.co.uk or by paying cash. Unfortunately, no cheques are accepted. The balance can be paid on the day. 
On the Day 
Please arrive in plenty of time for form filling in and paying the balance at the portakabin (by the school). You will be asked on the booking form for your Drs Surgery and the address, and several contact numbers other than your own. Please have them ready. 
Demonstrations during the Training Day 
If there is a Demonstration during the Training Day there is a £10 extra charge (usual price is £75 per day without a Demonstration so will be £85 with one). The Demonstration will run during lunch break giving horse & rider a 2 hour break before riding again in the afternoon. 


Training Day – FULL DAY to include the Demonstration, lunch, tuition, and course hire 
If no Demonstration is included in the day cost will be: 
Training Day – MORNING ONLY – this is for the mini riders and riders who only want to do a half day this includes the Demonstration, lunch, tuition & course hire for the morning. 
If no Demonstration is included at lunchtime the cost will be: 
Training Day - MORNING ONLY (no Demonstration no lunch), tuition and course hire. 
Day Stable Hire – Straw bed made up and mucked out by NVEC staff (you only need to bring a hay net and water bucket). 
You do not have to have a stable if your horse is happy to be left in your trailer or lorry. 
Lunch only – Spectators only (rider’s lunch included). Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements. 
Demonstration only – Everyone welcome (please bring seating). 
Please send a deposit of £25.00 per rider and for spectator’s payment in full for lunch or for the Demonstration. Please pay by BACS (please follow the instructions on the website nvec.co.uk under booking in and payment tab) Sorry NO CHEQUES ACCEPTED however there is a cash machine inside Newbold Verdon Co-op in the village. 
Please contact us to book 
01455 824240 or 07795 001548 / 07769933870 


This is a suggested Timetable and they are flexible as we try to keep the Training Days different and varied each time but this is a guide. 
You will have one flatwork, a SJ & a XC lesson each Training Day you may do grids or test riding but remember the emphasis is on learning & having fun. 
Instructors/Coaches usually are as follows - 
Laurence Hunt, Victoria Gallantree, Steven Smith, Rick Orton, Lucy Brookes, Sally Bates 
Other Coaches can be bought in but all are experienced, qualified & love teaching. 
8.30am Booking in at the portakabin opposite the school, for form filling in & balance of payments made please remember we do not take cheques however there is a cash machine in Newbold Verdon Co-Op in the village A member of Staff will show you to your stable if you have booked one and answer any questions you may have. 
10.00am Meet tacked up in the school or front paddock in front of the house to meet your first Instructor/Coach and your group. 
10.15am You will start your first lesson (usually flatwork/dressage) 
11.00am Break of juice and shortbread. 
11.15am You will now move to your second Instructor/Coach and start your second lesson of the day. 
12/12.30pm Finish your morning lessons, settle your horse 
1.00pm Lunch 
1.30pm If a demonstration is taking place sit back and enjoy. 
2.30pm Demonstration over, tack up and prepare for your third lesson of the day. Please meet in the school or paddock in front of the house. 
3.00pm Start third lesson of the day with your third Coach/Instructor4/4.30pm 
4/4.30pm Finish. 
Please contact us by text or phone: 0776 99 33 870 (Sally) or 0779 500 15 48 (Martin) or 01455 824240 
(if we don't answer, please leave an answer phone message and we will get back to you) 
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